• digital investment solutions

    for financial institutions
  • Select & customise

    diversified investment portfolios
  • Validate & trade

    global markets coverage
  • Rebalance & track

    grow your investments

Smartfolios provides unique digital advisory and investment solutions for banks, asset managers, brokers and financial advisors. We combine personalized advisory with customizable portfolios to deliver the wealth management experience your customers expect.

How it works


Set your goals and risk profile

Set your investment goals and your risk tolerance levels. Smartfolios guides you every step of the way so you can meet your investment goals.


Select your portfolios

Whether you want to invest in cyber-security, big data, high dividend stocks or any other theme, sector or strategy you can think of, there is a Folio for you.


Customize and trade

Your folio, your way: change weightings and constituents at the click of a button, use smart filters to enhance returns and control risk. Trade anywhere: choose your execution and place orders on the fly!


Rebalance and track your investment

Our rebalancing and risk functions helps you keep up with your goals as markets evolve. We also help you set alerts to manage and grow your investment.

Built around creativity

Expand your trading horizons and invest globally with smartfolios. With more than 100 portfolios ready to be customized and rebalanced to meet your needs, you can take on investing with confidence.

Build a diversified portfolio around the themes you want. Whether cybersecurity, the sharing economy, luxury or another sector, smartfolios’ cutting-edge technology and expert quantitative research enables you to build your folio, your way.

Built to grow your investments

Investment is a journey, and we are with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re getting the results you want. From the basics through to advanced strategies, smartfolios puts everything at your fingertips in just a few clicks. It’s easy to stay on top of your investments: just select, customize and trade!

We take you from the basic concepts and techniques of trading to the more advanced strategies used by professional investors so you can keep up with your investments from start to end.

Built around a community

Investing doesn’t have to be lonely—and a vibrant community lets you share ideas, tips and more with friends and experts in a supportive learning environment where you will acquire knowledge as your portfolio grows. We provide you with the tools you need to master your investment strategy

Post your folios, share your trading ideas, follow other investors, all this and more directly in smartfolios and through social networks.